Getting outdoors does not need to feel scary.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned hiker, my blog is designed to support you in your outdoor hiking and backpacking journey. Here you can find location recommendations, outdoor skills, outdoor gear, and even some personal discoveries that came from hiking and backpacking. I will discuss recovery and mental health recovery!

Are you dreaming of hiking alone? Do you wanna go on your first backpacking trip?

  • Pick the right backpacking trip length for your lifestyle.
  • Get inspiration for gear and clothing
  • Choose important workout plans leading up to your backpacking trip
  • How to work your job and backpack
  • Find free campsites and travel planning agendas
  • Learn about important safety resources and tools


Probably Backpacking

My name is Kristen I have a Master’s in Public Health and a Bachelor’s of Science in Sports and Health Science. I started this backpacking and hiking blog earlier this year as a way to document my own journey. I had no adult influences on my life for hiking, camping, or backpacking, I had to learn all on my own. I found hiking and backpacking through my battle with mental health and substance use recovery. Hiking is one thing that has driven me to stay intentional about my life choices around substance use. I maintain my therapy appointments better than I have ever before in the past. I want to share with people that recovery is possible and that this kind of lifestyle really is for everyone. It is never too late

“I could never be the type of woman that writes a memoir, but then again I am the type of woman that thinks her story is important. I think it is time to change that”

— Kristen G.