Camping Recipes

Yakima Rim Trip 2022

Blueberry Protein Pancakes.
What you’ll need:
1. Your choice of pancake mix. I use Happy Day Brands
2. Your choice of liquid. Water or milk. If you won’t have cold storage use water.
3. a camp stove or a burner
4. Blueberries. Dried or fresh.

In the days leading up to your trip measure out how much of your mix you will need (this depends on how many people are on your trip). I use a glass Mason Jar with a lid.
**Bonus, if you are using dried blueberries just go ahead and toss them in there at the same time so that it’s a step knocked off your list. If you are using fresh pack them into your cooler the morning of your trip. Toss them in your mason jar along with your water or milk when you are ready to cook them.

Fast forward to the morning you’re waking up in the mountains ready for your breakfast before you hit the trailhead. Get your camp stove or burner set up pour your water or milk into your jar. Shake like crazy, pour, enjoy!
**If you are using a cast iron, keep your fire on low/med and use a little olive oil.

Yakima Washington, 2022

Meatballs with Pasta and Veggies
Again, this is all for a burner or camp stove, and for this one, you have to have a cooler to store the meat in. I also recommend this being the first-night dinner to avoid having it sit in the cooler longer than you have to. With your choice of meat or beyond meat meatballs prepare them ahead of time at home and then pack them away in your cooler the morning of your trip.

  1. Start with your water and pasta. Go for pre-cooked pasta in a bag, which can usually be found in the veggies section of your grocery store. Bring them to a boil, cover, and set aside.
  2. In your cast iron or nonstick pan toss in your meatballs and cook until the temperature is safe on the inside (test with a thermometer) I always bring mine on my trips.
  3. Toss in some of your prechopped fresh veggies or just eat those raw. We typically just eat them raw. In the summer the crunch and coldness are much appreciated.

If you are looking for camping stove gear here is the link to what I use.

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